Early Intervention Screening Techniques for Autism

  • Do you have a child under 6 years of age?
  • Are you concerned about their development or social interactions?
  • Did your child score positively on the MCHAT screening, or are you on a long waitlist for a screening?


Your child could be part of an important autism research study at Mass General Hospital by Research Investigator Dr. June Kong, MD.


Time commitment: 1 phone call and 1 hour-long visit

Result: an Autism screening and consultation


The purpose of our research is to test the accuracy of newly developed screening tools in determining whether a child may have autism. These new tools may be easier, more reliable, and cater to younger children more than others currently in use.


During the session, professional researchers will administer non-invasive behavioral assessments and track your child’s eye movements as they watch a video clip. We can then discuss the results, forward them to your child’s physician, and discuss possible next steps or child care professionals to contact.


Please contact Madelyn Koh at mkoh@mgh.harvard.edu or (617) 726 - 9439 for more information.