mne.create_info(ch_names, sfreq, ch_types=None, montage=None, verbose=None)[source]

Create a basic Info instance suitable for use with create_raw.

ch_nameslist of str | int

Channel names. If an int, a list of channel names will be created from range(ch_names).


Sample rate of the data.

ch_typeslist of str | str

Channel types. If None, data are assumed to be misc. Currently supported fields are ‘ecg’, ‘bio’, ‘stim’, ‘eog’, ‘misc’, ‘seeg’, ‘ecog’, ‘mag’, ‘eeg’, ‘ref_meg’, ‘grad’, ‘emg’, ‘hbr’ or ‘hbo’. If str, then all channels are assumed to be of the same type.

montageNone | str | Montage | DigMontage | list

A montage containing channel positions. If str or Montage is specified, the channel info will be updated with the channel positions. Default is None. If DigMontage is specified, the digitizer information will be updated. A list of unique montages, can be specified and applied to the info. See also the documentation of mne.channels.read_montage() for more information.

verbosebool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose() and Logging documentation for more).

infoinstance of Info

The measurement info.


The info dictionary will be sparsely populated to enable functionality within the rest of the package. Advanced functionality such as source localization can only be obtained through substantial, proper modifications of the info structure (not recommended).

Note that the MEG device-to-head transform info['dev_head_t'] will be initialized to the identity transform.

Proper units of measure: * V: eeg, eog, seeg, emg, ecg, bio, ecog * T: mag * T/m: grad * M: hbo, hbr * Am: dipole * AU: misc