This documentation is for development version 0.18.dev0.


mne.viz.plot_csd(csd, info=None, mode='csd', colorbar=True, cmap=None, n_cols=None, show=True)[source]

Plot CSD matrices.

A sub-plot is created for each frequency. If an info object is passed to the function, different channel types are plotted in different figures.

csd : instance of CrossSpectralDensity

The CSD matrix to plot.

info: instance of Info | None

To split the figure by channel-type, provide the measurement info. By default, the CSD matrix is plotted as a whole.

mode : ‘csd’ | ‘coh’

Whether to plot the cross-spectral density (‘csd’, the default), or the coherence (‘coh’) between the channels.

colorbar : bool

Whether to show a colorbar. Defaults to True.

cmap : str | None

The matplotlib colormap to use. Defaults to None, which means the colormap will default to matplotlib’s default.

n_cols : int | None

CSD matrices are plotted in a grid. This parameter controls how many matrix to plot side by side before starting a new row. By default, a number will be chosen to make the grid as square as possible.

show : bool

Whether to show the figure. Defaults to True.

fig : list of Figure

The figures created by this function.