This documentation is for development version 0.18.dev0.


mne.pick_events(events, include=None, exclude=None, step=False)[source]

Select some events.

events : ndarray

Array as returned by mne.find_events.

include : int | list | None

A event id to include or a list of them. If None all events are included.

exclude : int | list | None

A event id to exclude or a list of them. If None no event is excluded. If include is not None the exclude parameter is ignored.

step : bool

If True (default is False), events have a step format according to the argument output=’step’ in the function find_events(). In this case, the two last columns are considered in inclusion/ exclusion criteria.

events : array, shape (n_events, 3)

The list of events

Examples using mne.pick_events