This documentation is for development version 0.18.dev0.*args, **kwargs)[source]


DEPRECATED: find_edf_events is deprecated in 0.18, and will be removed in 0.19. Please use mne.events_from_annotations instead

Get original EDF events as read from the header.

For GDF, the values are returned in form [n_events, pos, typ, chn, dur] where:

name description type
n_events The number of all events integer
pos Beginning of the events in samples array
typ The event identifiers array
chn The associated channels (0 for all) array
dur The durations of the events array

For EDF+, the values are returned in form n_events * [onset, dur, desc] where:

name description type
onset Onset of the event in seconds float
dur Duration of the event in seconds float
desc Description of the event str
raw : instance of RawEDF

The raw object for finding the events.

events : ndarray

The events as they are in the file header.