This documentation is for development version 0.18.dev0.


mne.head_to_mri(pos, subject, mri_head_t, subjects_dir=None, verbose=None)[source]

Convert pos from head coordinate system to MRI ones.

This function converts to MRI RAS coordinates and not to surface RAS.

pos : array, shape (n_pos, 3)

The coordinates (in m) in head coordinate system

subject : string

Name of the subject.

mri_head_t: instance of Transform

MRI<->Head coordinate transformation

subjects_dir : string, or None

Path to SUBJECTS_DIR if it is not set in the environment.

verbose : bool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose() and Logging documentation for more).

coordinates : array, shape (n_pos, 3)

The MNI coordinates (in mm) of pos


This function requires either nibabel (in Python) or Freesurfer (with utility “mri_info”) to be correctly installed.