This documentation is for development version 0.18.dev0.


mne.datasets.kiloword.data_path(path=None, force_update=False, update_path=True, download=True, verbose=None)[source]

Get path to local copy of the kiloword dataset.

This is the dataset from [1].

path : None | str

Location of where to look for the kiloword data storing location. If None, the environment variable or config parameter MNE_DATASETS_KILOWORD_PATH is used. If it doesn’t exist, the “mne-python/examples” directory is used. If the kiloword dataset is not found under the given path (e.g., as “mne-python/examples/MNE-kiloword-data”), the data will be automatically downloaded to the specified folder.

force_update : bool

Force update of the dataset even if a local copy exists.

update_path : bool | None

If True, set the MNE_DATASETS_KILOWORD_PATH in mne-python config to the given path. If None, the user is prompted.

verbose : bool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose() and Logging documentation for more).

path : list of str

Local path to the given data file. This path is contained inside a list of length one, for compatibility.


[1](1, 2) Dufau, S., Grainger, J., Midgley, KJ., Holcomb, PJ. A thousand words are worth a picture: Snapshots of printed-word processing in an event-related potential megastudy. Psychological science, 2015